EsyWorld´s Affiliate Program is one of the benefits we provide to active partners. It’s a program built to help partners so they can offer consumer (B2C) products to their customers.

We understand that some partners  are focused on B2B opportunities, but don’t want to loose the opportunity to sell into the SOHO market. In order to support this idea, we created the EsyWorld Affiliate Program to provide retailers, resellers and integrators with a marketplace to fulfill their B2C needs.

EsyWorld Affiliate Program is an e-commerce platform. By joining the program, EsyWorld’s partners can:

- Have their e-commerce store up and running with a few clicks.
- Customize the look and feel with their logos and colors.
- Link their main website with their Affiliate home page.
- Receive support from an e-commerce specialist. Someone that will assist  partners to build and run their online stores.
- Manage the end user pricing and reseller margins.
- Select the available B2C products you want to offer in your shop.
- Join special pricing and promotions offered by vendors.

All these benefits at NO COST!

Click here to see some examples